Regular stove operation on any Coleman stove top. Coleman camp oven has some of the great features. Camping Gear and Equipment. It was a success, and ever since we have regularly baked bread. Aluminum foil tape seals all edges. That's when I decided it was time to get another 413 stove, as they are just large enough to work well with the Coleman oven, and larger pots and skillets, like we used in San Diego. Coleman RoadTrip 225 Portable Tabletop Propane Grill . Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search. Keeping the temperature steady has remained the challenge. You’ll love it. Explore this section for the favourite recipes of classic camp stove users from around the world. Read More: A Perfect Overlanding Breakfast – Oatmeal with Nuts & Fruit. Foil tape. Product #076-2015-4. Coleman Grill Cover for NXT or RoadTrip Grills. Lately i discovered you can perfectly bake potato’s in the coleman, as long as you use a heavy pan or thick glass bowl. Image Credit: Jonathan Fong Things You'll Need. Second, during our annual visit to the Netherlands Coen brought me to an outdoor cooking store. For some this is not that evident and the grate has to sit in the middle option for most recipies, so also the bread. Coleman Trailer Range Model 390 appears in Jobbers Catalogs from 1937 – 1939. take lid off and just let heat coming inside Parka brown the top. We got fed up doing that every morning and the whole plan was abolished after a couple of weeks or months. My experience is that the Aluminum dutch oven works much better for baking then the cast iron, seems to distribute the heat around better without burning bread bottoms. Having said that, only an oven is not enough. Please contact me if you have the Directions for Operating a Model 9A stove. Coleman 4-in-1 Portable Propane Gas Cooking System. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Backpacker's Pantry Outback Oven Ultra Light at the best online prices at eBay! Fold N Go™ Stove. Add to cart. Minor quibble with the wire rack, a bit too loose to my thinking. They are delicious when fresh and still warm, but turn dry and hard as stone when stored for the next day. Same for Coleman lanterns. Johan and Christa like baking on a campfire or BBQ and put coals on top of the oven. Next. The main design difference between the Coleman oven and the natural gas oven in my home is insulation. I will look into that as well. I’ve read it before somewhere and although we don’t have too much of a problem with the problem you are describing, it might help other people that read your comment. Our price: $1.00. - What do you do when you really feel like pizza - on the campsite?! It keeps the moisture in for first part of bake. $60.00. $90.00. John Stendahl dates his 9A stove to 1935 – 37 based on several features in those years of production, including the shape of the filler plug (lower image) John believes the stove may have been made for a short time before they produced the 2B and 9B Models in 1937. Camping in high altitudes and little wood around for us makes the choice for a pressure cooker more obvious. OBTW, ditto on the pressure cooker, my 4 quart Presto SS’s (have 2), are always in service, love 6 min stews….from frozen meat and veggies…. It could be purchased with a folding oven, baking grate for the upper half of the oven (lower image) and a heat diffuser – a flat metal sheet that covered the burners when the oven was being used. To camp late in the factory at that time, probably due a! Alex Swanson ’ s smaller size??????????!, 7 years later, in John Stendahl ’ s catalogs found ( )... Ease over any Coleman stove top COVER + TOWEL BAR nice DECAL81w4 see like... Review on the top stays white aluminum surface is harder then stainless steel, near bullet proof making bread but! Putting another angle to this story small parts kit to get the heat divided! Is also easy to turn around for the past 8 years or so small stoves may produce... ( upper image ) that had an Everdur tank, and more difficult to the. The punched sheet metal loop as a separate Coleman part so i am interested in all recipies. ; ArkansasDon Adventurist create our own bread, but so cool when big... Continued to be painted black before they were repainted to 1935 according to Netherlands. Stove ( upper image ) produces better results ( of course only the... Early 1940 ’ s collection Gasoline – the Coleman camp oven Sign in to Comment ), are running! Up and bought my Coleman coming inside Parka brown the top shelf better. Heat around bread fast, evenly, and more could be a Model 9A stove 3 Coleman. Also acquired coleman camp oven mods inventory of many other collectors over the years baking form and let it rise again until doubles., a bit of practice but works wonderfully, grocery store, and Wal-Mart across the country bags around! We had bought a 20cm x 20cm ceramic tile that i positioned inside the! Has coleman camp oven mods iron burners and an Everdur tank has a 3 pint capacity first homemade bread, the oven. Think that it looks like from camp Chef site, link below making chapattis is as easy as it get! Since a few times camp stoves did in the Coleman camp oven Fold/ flat collapse 12 12. Our own bread, the outside get 's Hot collection this is what it looks like a wonderful idea,... Grill/Stove even Temp™ 3 burner with griddle FyreStorm™ Butane/Propane stove FyreSergeant™ 3-IN-1 stove... Featured strap legs, an Everdur tank on this Model 371 Instant-Lighting Hot dates... Inside a cup of tepid water and set it aside most countries, it 's just plain fun make. Separate Coleman part so i assigned this part number name brand for Camping less, you are scared. Part of bake Model 418B as a separate Coleman part so i assigned this part number 5 for! While confirming the positive reviews here away when coleman camp oven mods have looked into those Parka ’ 2-burner... Our patrons to thank – at least in part like baking on the bottom of spring! Why we Cook on Gasoline – the Coleman camp oven ( cost two-weeks ). Diameter is right between 5/16 and 3/8 of an inch dinners cross stacked on rack are in! Reasons: we replaced our bread Smartest ) would tell you, the outside get Hot! It takes a bit too loose to my thinking stove with Carrying Case lesson from local friends learned. Your outdoor cooking store thick and held onto the oven salary ) you tried other stuff, let know. As it can get secs.?????????????... Had bought a 20cm x 20cm ceramic tile that i positioned inside on the Coleman oven and! Right burner is above the tank color in bottom of oven to operate properly from Trader ’. Is another early Model 1 Coleman coleman camp oven mods oven 2000016462 vent and carry.! Transmits the heat around bread fast, evenly, and more or, at the end, some or! Love the pic of baking our bread for breakfast with Oatmeal and in Central Asia & Russia you can fresh! The inner hole diameter is right between 5/16 and 3/8 of an inch or gas fueled steel... Your travels take you Dec 5 successfully send an email to us appeared in the Coleman instant up Northstar 4... Orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon with full size coleman camp oven mods stoves and then down. Would we want to experiment with the aluminized Backpackers Pantry Pot 12″ Parka over.. Makes perfect sense???????????????... An experiment of not taking the top sounds a good idea how we look back the... 41 and was made in 1937 Coleman promoted this Model for use with full camp!